Monday, June 30, 2008

Photography 101

I'm so excited that Jenney and Elizabeth from the Scrap4Life Design Team are offering photography lessons over at Scrap4Life.  I have this wonderfully expensive camera that I really need to learn how to use.  And was super excited to see them do this.

This week's lesson was to "Fill the Frame".   I did some practicing this past weekend, with little cooperation from my little subjects. hehe!  But I was excited to capture this gorgeous photo of Jazlyn.  

Can't wait to see what the girls have in store for us next week!!!

As for scrapbooking I got tons done while Carlos was gone scuba diving in the Florida Keys this past weekend.  It was his Father's Day gift from me and the kiddies!  Most of the scrapbooking was done for S4L's July Kit which will be released tomorrow so unfortunately, I can't show you those right now.  However, I did do a few others.

Here's Jeremy last September when he first learned how to stand in his crib.  Can you tell he was a bit excited?  hehe!  That's my baby boy!  

And here is a layout using pictures of Daniel and my dad taken over 10 years ago on Easter Sunday...April 1998!   I just love the way the two of them are dressed alike.  

And this one just cracks me up!  My poor little B was rockin' to Guitar Hero and had no idea the boys (her brother and cousins, Nathan & Josh) had unplugged her guitar.  How mean!  I just had to get a picture of it!  

I'll be back soon to show you what I did with the July kit!  The kit is fabulous!!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008


Where I belong!!!!!!

Home with my kids!!  It was a tough decision but I knew what I had to do.  Last Wednesday was my last day at work.  I enjoyed being back in my career but there were 4 little people who needed me more (or should I say 5?)  LOL!  It felt like a tug-of-war...constantly being pulled in a million directions.  And unfortunately, could never give 100% to either (work or home)!  It was getting a bit stressful on me and the family.  So, I knew what I had to do!  And not only career isn't going anywhere!  When everyone is in school, there will still be a need for tax accountants.  As for my kids...they are only small for so long!  And I want to enjoy them.  Before I know it, they will be too busy for mama!  hehe!  

And now on to some fun scrappy stuff!  Woohoo!  These are a few layouts I have done in the past couple of weeks, just haven't had a chance to upload.  Hope you enjoy!!!

Here's my baby boy, Jeremy.  He wasn't too happy!  Poor baby!

And here's a layout of a chocolate chip cookie cake I made on Valentine's Day.  The kids loved it!  And I saved the $25 to $30 it costs to buy it a Mrs. Fields.  (I think Carlos is rubbing of on me!  Oh no!  LOL!)

For Valentine's Day, I got Daniel and Bianca both a big chocolate "kiss".  Here's Daniel holding his!  

And look at my "Future Heartbreaker"!  Watch out, ladies!!!

OK...not because she's mine...but isn't she just beautiful?!  hehe!  That's my girl!!  Did this layout using the Scrap4Life June kit which is still available at the S4L Shoppe!!

Enjoy your week!!