Monday, January 28, 2008

Super *Scrap* Bowl Weekend at Scrap4Life

Scrap4Life's Cyber Crop was rockin' this weekend! Here's what I did for the challenges over there:


For this next layout, the challenge was to create an all black & white layout using a color photo. This is what I did. Not too happy with it but it's done. This is my sister and her husband (then boyfriend) at their prom.

And well, this is all I got done for the crop. I probably would have gotten more done but I spent most of the weekend trying to figure out what my oh, so wonderful husband did to my computer. He decided he'd clean it up. I told him to leave it alone. But, of course, he doesn't listen to me. I go to bed on Friday night and left him alone with my computer. Bad idea! He started deleting files and well, now I can't get on to my online galleries. Ugh! Gotta love him, though! His intentions were good, right?. hehe!

I also started this layout for the crop but didn't get it done on time. Finished it up this morning. This is my silly 4-year old! She loves music! Sometimes I feel like I have a teenager in the house. Here she is rockin' to the Cheetah girls!

These next two layouts I had started before the crop and had put them to the side. I was able to finish them up today, also.

I just love this one!

And can you believe this is the same kid that is flying in the air? Waaaaah!!! They grow up way too fast!

Well, I think I have some exciting news to share!! I'll be back later! Happy Monday!!


Amy Dodd said...

Love all the pages! I know what you mean by feeling like you have a teenager in the house! Can't wait to hear the exciting news! Did you get the job?

Megan said...

these are gorgeous pages! I wish I could get that much done, and I have one fewer child!

Amanda L. said...

WOW..that Dream layout is beautiful!!!