Friday, August 8, 2008

Feellin' Beachy!

After coming back from vacation, I guess I'm still in the "beach" mood because I've done tons of beach layouts this week!  Most of these pictures were taken back in May while spending a day at Manatee Beach.  It was a fun day!  My mom was here visiting from Chicago.  

Daniel playing paddleball and Jeremy trying to join in.  hehe!

Although it was only was very HOT out!  

Do you see the sand around Jeremy's mouth?  Yep, he was eating sand!  LOL!

Carlos and the kids playing at the beach!

I just love this picture!  

And another picture I just love!  The babies were really able to enjoy the beach this summer.  Last year they were still too tiny!  

Have a great weekend!!!


Amy Dodd said...

Love them all!!! I can't believe how big the babies have gotten!!

Amanda L. said...

love all the beach stuff...especially the Sandman layout!

Stefanie said...

Thanks for visiting journaling junkie. Looking forward to your submission. Fab LO's that you've done already.

Dawny P said...

Thank you for stopping by and for your nice words xxx I love your LOs here. Theyr'e all just fabulous. I decided this week that I really must start scrapping so later today I am off to get me an album. Hugs, xxxxx

Ashley said...

What adorable layouts!