Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Mother's Day!! I sure did! I spent the day with my 5 most favorite people...Carlos and my 4 kiddies. We got up this morning and headed over to Fort DeSoto beach. It was an absolutely beautiful day!!! After a couple of hours, the twins had had enough...well, actually, Jazlyn had enough! Jeremy *loved* it! He did not want to get out of the water! And he loved to eat the sand! Ugh! That boy! Carlos and Daniel played paddle ball and the girls, of course, were all over mama, especially Jaz. Can you believe I don't have pictures to share?! I decided that I was just going to enjoy the moment and not take the camera! I'll be honest, at times I wish I had the camera but am glad I just spent the time with the kids.

After the beach, we headed over to Tarpon Springs for Gyros! YUMMY! Since none of us were dressed appropriately, we took the gyros to go. Carlos discovered this awesome park and we ate there. It was a day very well spent!

Oh and btw...Daniel's baseball team won their first tournament game! Woohoo!! And I am one proud mama...that boy of mine can play! It was the last inning and the other team was catching up fast and only had one out! The coach started to worry and called Daniel in to replace the pitcher. Daniel warms up a bit and begins. He walks the first guy. eek! The crowd is nervous. I'm nervous!! Then, he strikes out the second guy!!! Woohoo!!!! 2 outs!!! Next guys comes up! I can see Daniel is nervous! He throws the ball, the kid hits it..oh no! But Daniel run and throws himself to the ground (practically tearing off an ear) and he catches the ball right before it lands to the ground! We all jump out of our seats screaming! It was the play of the game!!! You should of seen me...I had a grin from side to side...that was my boy!!! So proud! His next game is Tuesday night! Wish us luck!!

I'll leave you with a couple of layouts I did this week. Enjoy!

Have a wonderful week!!!

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Zaida said...

Hi Nancy,
What a great write-up. I'm glad you enjoyed your day. We went to church then headed to my favorite restaurant, The Cheesecake Factory for lunch. We had a long wait but it was worth it. I love Fort De Soto- that's a beautiful place. We should plan a group outing before the end of summer. Congrats to Daniel on what sounds to have been a GREAT play. Johnny has his last game of the baseball season next Sunday and maybe he'll move on to All Stars. His team has done great this season. I love baseball!!