Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Preschool Graduation & Baseball Tournament

What a crazy weekend we had!   Between Bianca's preschool graduation and Daniel's baseball games...it was exhausting but tons of fun!  On Friday, Bianca graduated from preschool!  Woohoo!  I took the day off to attend her graduation party at school and then afterwards me and her had a fun afternoon together.  We went to the salon to get our hair done!  She was so excited!  Check her out under the dryer!

Now, after awhile she had it!  She did not want to be under the dryer anymore!  So, the girls from the salon did her nails!!  OMG!  Bianca was in heaven!  Can you tell?

And this is how her hair turned out!!!  Cuter than Annie!  LOL!

Now isn't this the cutest graduate you've ever seen?!  

And here's your Class of 2008!  hehe!

Right after graduation, we had to rush over to the baseball park, heels and all to get to Daniel's tournament game!!  Whew!  Made it on time!  They had just put Daniel in to pitch when we got there...here's Daniel in *game mode*!

We won the game and moved on to the next round, which was on Saturday.  Unfortunately, we got eliminated on Saturday.  The boys were so upset but these boys were amazing!  They all did their best.  We came up short by one run!  Ugh!  Maybe next year!  

Have a wonderful week!!!


Jenney said...

Congratulations to the little graduate!!!

Daniel should be proud that they made it that far! Way to go!!!

Amy Dodd said...

B, looks so cute with all those curls!

Daniel's team did really good, and should be very proud of how far they went!

Paulette said...

How cute is Bianca...! Love, love, love those curls....girl, she is too girly, girl...I do believe she has Taylor beat!!! Please give our congrats to both she and Daniel for their great accomplishments...They should be proud....!

Amanda L. said...

Bianca is too cute!!!