Sunday, September 7, 2008

Another busy week!

Well, really when is it not?!  I didn't scrap all week so I was starting to get a bit cranky there for a bit!  hehe!  

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon at the St. Petersburg pier with Carlos' family.  It was very pretty (and very hot)!  I can't believe I've lived near here for 2 years and had never visited it!  It was a very nice afternoon!

 Here's a picture of the pier & of the gang!

It was also "Family Fun" Day at the pier.  

The kids enjoyed getting balloons.... swordfighting, please!  Why?  Because you could get hit and go flying into the wine store next door and land in a chest full of wine bottles!  Yes, that was Daniel!  Thank goodness, there was no damage!  That could have gotten a bit expensive!

Afterwards we went to the little aquarium, the kids met Nemo and Dori!  hehe!

Then it was off to feed the pelicans!  It was kind of cool!  

BTW, today is Grandparent's Day!!!  Bianca was lucky to have two of her grandparents in town to join her Friday morning for "Goodies with Grandparents" at school!  She woke her grandfather up at 6:30am!  lol!  So much for sleeping in "Grandpa"!  

Well, I did get to scrap a bit this afternoon.  Woohoo!!!  I think this post is long enough so I'll share my creations with you tomorrow!  Have a *blessed* week!!!

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Rachel said...

Hey girl!!! These are great pictures. I'm glad you guys went to the Pier and had a good time. Sorry it was so hot.