Monday, September 29, 2008

Bad Mama!

Soooooo....I'm running late for Daniel's baseball game this past Saturday (like always) and decide, as I'm taking them out of the car, to just put the babies in the stroller, get everyone inside the park and then I'll put on the seat belts once we get there.  Well, minutes after we park ourselves by the bleachers, Jazlyn reaches over to grab something she sees on the ground and well, rolls out of her stroller head first onto the sidewalk!  And this was the result......

I feel terrible!!  And now, I have to face her dad when I go pick him up at the airport tomorrow!  Wish me luck!  hehe!

Yesterday, I was unable to share a couple of other things I did over the weekend.  Here are a couple of projects I did using the S4L September Kit (still available):

"You Can Do It" Card

"I {heart} a Good Book" Bookmark

I also did a few "Thank You" Cards during S4L Cyber Crop!  Check them out!

Oh, I  had almost forgot about this one.  I made this card for my goddaughter who will turn 9 in a couple of weeks.  (Eek!  I hope she's not reading!)  This was based on a sketch by Kazan from 2 Sketches 4 You.  She was hosting the crop at Scrap4Life.

I got my October kit hand-delivered to me this morning by Jodie so I've been playing with that this evening!!  The papers in this kit are gorgeous!!!!  Just a few more days and she will reveal it!!  Woohoo!!!  

Have a BLESSED week!!


Laura said...

You know you have beautiful children when they look pretty even with a scuffed face! Good luck explaining this one to hubby! When my oldest was a baby, not more than 2 months old, I needed to run to walmart and pick something up, just a real quick trip...i got to the stop sign at the end of our road and realized I was missing something, THE BABY!!

Anonymous said...

wonderful projects! I love them all! And don't feel too bad, I've done that too, the trick is to learn from it and then realize that they need to learn from it too :) mine never did though lol, they are still falling on thier faces all on thier own hee hee. I hope your little girl heals fast. *smiles*

Karen said...

Beautiful cards!!! I sure hope your little one is doing okay! Ouchie!

Sherry Wright said...

Ouch, poor thing! Beautiful projects! ;)

Peet said...

Stunning cards, Nancy!!!!

chloe said...

What gorgeous cards! And dont beat yourself up too much about your little gal: I think it happens to everyone at least once!!

Rosanne said...

Poor thing! She'll heal up fast though!

All your cards are gorgeous!