Saturday, December 8, 2007

Weekend in Orlando

Last weekend we headed up to Orlando (again). It's like my second home. It was Carlos' parents last weekend before heading back to Puerto Rico and we had game night! Woohoo! This time we had it at Willie and Elba's house. They have a beautiful home. Since it's Christmas time, we had a *cookie exchange* also. I made some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies; which I thought were pretty good, but the some of the kids didn't seem, too. Right, JR?! See JR, Zaida's son, tried to sneak behind my back and throw my cookie in the trash. hehe! It's all good! I have to say, everyone's cookies were delicious. I enjoyed bringing them home and eating them all. Here's a photo we got from that night:

The next day we headed to a Citrus Farm so the kids could pick some oranges. That was a first for us. It was so much fun! The kids really had a blast. Here's Daniel:

Of course, leave it to Kati to stand right in an *aunt hill* as soon as we get to the farm. She was not happy and refused to get out of her stroller. So...her Tio Johnny, who likes to *spoil* her, picked her up so she could reach for some oranges. But right back in the stroller she went. She would not put her feet on the ground

Of course, the twins didn't pick oranges but we had to pose them for the camera anyway. hehe!

And here they are enjoying the oranges!

Oh, and just a reminder...the Scrap4Life weekend crop is going on right now! There are some awesome classes and challenges. Don't forget stop by! And best of all, Jodie, the owner, is giving away a December kit and a $50 gift certificate to the store! You can't beat that!

Have a great weekend!!


~Nancy~ said...

Awww.. these pics are adorable Nancy! Sounds like you've had fun in Orlando!

And.. you're sooooo ROCKING the s4life crop!!! XOXO

Janice said...

Oh so precious... I love how you catch the babies in every little thing they do... how wonderful!
Glad you had fun in Orlando!